Saturday, September 19, 2009

First part of our Summer Vacation: Bend, OR

Here were are in beautiful Bend, Or at Newberry Crater 

We took Brice on  one of the small hikes through the park

Baby and mom hiking up the trail.  The pack worked pretty good as long as mom keep going.  He didn't like to stop.

My lovely daughter and sweet pookie.  He has a little chipper that his mom just got him at the visitors center.

Brice's mom doing one of her favorite thing.

This is one of the little chipper.  He was way to friendly and was chasing us down the trail.  I really don't care for rodents.


  1. Rodents scare me half as much as snakes do. But I love chippers. I bet he was hoping Brice would drop a cracker from him. Or he was just picking up David's slack and harassing you ;)

  2. Always some thing used to be frogs