Thursday, April 2, 2009

So more crafting

This is the wall looking out of my craft room it looks so bright and sunny.  I love the framed quilt pieces.  I found these at an antique store and thought they would make great art........

I love my iron.........I know I'm strange but I like to iron and having great equipment makes it all that much better

Look mom I'm just sitting here watching I'm not really in the craft room.  That Lady she is a little stinker.  But soooooooooooo cute...................


  1. Your quilt squares are really good pictures and yes Lady is soooooo cute I just love her

  2. I like the quilt squares too. You're right about good equipment. Sure makes things easier. Looks like Lady got a haircut. She looks beautiful. She has good opinions,too.

  3. Lovely quilt squares and lovely doggy too!

  4. Did you frame the quilt blocks yourself? If so, do you have any tips? They look great!