Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Pans

Okay so I haven't been to crafty.  But I have been getting ready to toss out the old .  I'm done with teflon these old pans are out of here.  My mom will be so happy.

And the new guys are here to be introduced.  Also a new cookbook for some new dinner ideas.  Can't wait to give them a run.


  1. I love new pans. They are always an inspiration to cook.

  2. Wow Great pans. Love the new out with the old

  3. Wonderful new pans, so what are you going to cook first?

  4. The old pans didn't look too old but the new ones are great. I know your mother's happy. Fred is the cook in our family (yea!) I love to cook too but its his turn. Besides that he's more creative than I am. Like you.