Monday, January 12, 2009

More christmas gift I can show now

This is an apron the I made for my dad's wife.  I love to sew for her as she is always so happy to have something homemade.  She uses everything that I make for her.  It is really nice to be appreciated.  
This is one of the aprons from A is for Apron.  It's the one from Erin House on Hill Road .  It was a fun quick one to make.


  1. What a nice apron glad to see someone else loves what you make.thanks for changing your post comment. love you

  2. What a wonderful apron, and I have to agree it is so nice when your gifts get appreciated and used.

  3. I forgot to say how nice and thin you look

  4. Wow - this is so beautiful! I really love the colors that you have combined - so warm and pretty!